New year New plans

As the 2016 rolled in many people had goals and plans and so did we. Our new born son has turned 7 month, and is up and crawling around so it's time to go outside and get our garden, and yard cleaned up before he will be walking and getting in all the mud. Although our plans are simple but they are not easy to accomplish. Living on 1 acre inside city limits have there own challenges. With our home situated the way it is we need to have all the property manicured since it's all visible, from the main road.

So we started with a new pathway to our Garden, Sauna and playground. Good thing there is Craigslist, we were able to score a deal on some pavers at $50 for 133 pavers. It should be enough to make the pathway, we wanted to have it low maintenance so we decided to grow grass between them that way we can just mow it with the rest of our yard.

One thing is for sure though, no matter how small the project is and how inexpensive your purchases are they add up and before you know it you are spending hundreds on just a small portion of the yard.

As a start that is where we are and I hope to update you on our progress and where we are at transforming our acre property to a small city farm in Vancouver WA.