Garden Prep

It's been just over two years since we have moved to our new property and it's been a pain to get it under control. We planted our garden in the same place where it used to be before us but the soil there is not ideal. Some years back someone brought a bunch of soil mixed with gravel and dumped it in that corner and over the past 5 years it has been a constant battle with removing the rocks and slowly adding layer after layer of compost to improve the soil. Each year I want to just remove a layer of dirt and bring some fresh soil to the garden. I think we should have done that the first year, but now there is so much compost, and good nutrients that have been added there that plants grow pretty well.

The radish has already sprouted and we are prepping the rest of the garden for the spring to come. Rain or shine the work got to go on or else we will fall behind and than it's a rush and things don't ever get done the way you want it when you are in a rush. So this year I have decided to start early and prep the garden ahead of time. After two years of gardening on the plot it's time to rotate some plants and clean up the old cedar fence walk ways between the beds. When I was putting them in our friends were smirking at me and now they think it's a good idea and would not mind them in their garden, they definitely make it easier and neater especially with all the rain we get here, and best of all you can get some free old cedar boards on Craigslist and they will last you for good 4 to 5 years.

  If any of you have any Ideas on how I could improve the soil faster please let me know I'd love to see this soil get nice and healthy.