Our Tomato Garden

33 lb of Tomatoes 
Tomato Harvest has begun, and although some people are just starting to get their tomatoes we have been enjoying them since the first week of July. There are many things you can do to promote an early start to your tomato harvest, and one of the most important things you can do is to plant an early variety. The other as important is soil prep and sufficient Nitrogen for the plant to have a healthy start.
There are other factors that come in play as well from pinching off suckers to having a good trellis system. Many things come to us through trial and error and that is how I have come up with my system as well. Raising tomatoes on a single rope and wrapping the tomato around it, I found to be the best method for production as well as taking care of the plant itself. When I had my tomatoes in planter boxes I build a 10' tall trellis across each box, now that I have more room we have a frame from a carport that had no tarp and we just tie the ropes to the frame and down to the plant. This is a simple yet effective way to trellis your tomato. I'm posting a short video of our garden and specifically our tomatoes you can see how our tomatoes are growing and we will have more posts on this. Enjoy the video, feel free to ask any questions.