Our Homestead

Since we have moved to a new place I wanted to take a bit of your time and show you what we have currently. I decided to call our place Mishchuk Garden, humbly referring to our last name :))) As our project evolve with time I hope to have an impression not only on our life but on people who we are connected to. Some people ask us why are you guys doing this? is it even worth it? and my 4 year old son told us that we can just go buy the food in the store, why bother with all this gardening. You know it's not the same, the food that is growing in your garden is always much more healthier and is full of flavor. This post I'm going to share with you what we have going on now and invite you to follow us on our journey of developing this 1 acre in to a true Garden.

Our Garden, we planted here for the first time, the soil has lot's of gravel in it so our main efforts for the next few seasons will be focused on improving the soil.

Raspberry rows, we currently have 5 rows of raspberry, when we moved here they were growing all over and had no system going, in late spring we had to move them around and replant them into rows, this year we had a small harvest and the plants are not very vigorous after the replanting shock.
Our Chickens, we currently have 7 hens and 1 baby duck. We had a pair of ducks and 4 ducklings that hatched, unfortunately a raccoon got in and killed all except 1 baby duck, she is the only survivor till next spring.

This is our chicken house, OK I know it needs a lot of work, maybe in the next few year we can get it updated, but it does keep them dry and safe for now.
The rabbits home. as you can see we have replaced part of the covering over the rabbits and have another side where we plant to have quail. This was about the same condition as the chicken coop eventually we will get it done.