Why I drink Shakes

Well this year is almost gone, we have few more days left and so much was left uncompleted.  As we age it seems that time runs faster and faster; when I was a teenager I could not understand how time flew by for my parents when it practically stayed still for me, but now it's all clear. With this year coming to a close I already have things planned for next year, my Google calender is filling up with trips to Ghana, Family Vacations and meetings.

Being busier as we age forces us to make some hard choices and it's not a surprise that our health tends to starts going downhill and the quality of food that we consume becomes worse as our schedules get busier; we tend to eat dinners later at night, eat more fast food, and less fruits and vegetables. That is the reason why I decided to start having Shakes and Juices to supplement my meals.
With all the holiday food and fast-paced life these meal supplements are a great way to stay on a healthy side and feel better at the end of the day. Not long ago, I came back from a steak dinner party that was late in the day, after going to bed tired I could not fall asleep I just felt like my stomach was over filled and it was working hard for most of the night to process all the meat that I shoved into it.  In the morning I got up and made myself a shake for breakfast, I was filled and felt great for the rest of the day. So if you feel like you need to feel lighter on your feet or you have no energy - than it's time to drink some shakes. We will be posting some of our shakes that we drink to give you some ideas of what to make.