Tomato trellis update

Tomato are about 9 feet tall
This years tomato trellis experiment was a partial success  When we try new things we always learn something and that is the case with me and my trellis system. You have read my previous post about how I build my tomato trellis and my desired outcome from them was achieved with a great harvest all season long.
With that said I must say that there were a few things that I learned along the way that I will need to change come next year. And for all of you who will decide to give a try to this system I would like to share them with you so you will not have the same outcome as I had this year. With that said let me stress that over all I was extremely happy with this system, we had great harvest of clean, easy to pick tomatoes as well as a simple low maintenance system throughout the whole growing season. Now to the changes that will have to be made.

  1. The wire that I used between the two posts sagged from the weight of the tomato plant, there are two solutions that can be done to fix this problem. One of them is to use a piece of wood instead of the wire, preferably the same size as the posts. The other solution is to have a tension wire from the top of the post that will prevent it from bending, in my case it will be hard to do that in all the boxes as I have walk ways that are next to them so I will have to use the first solution.
  2. My twine that was used to run the tomato plants on apparently was not strong enough, with constant watering it started giving way on some of the plants and they fell to the ground. In the beginning of the season I fixed a few of them but now with the season coming to the end I have decided to just live with it. The solution is obvious just use a stronger twine next year and the problem will be solved.
Well that's it for the problems with the my trellis now here are a few more images of them and feel free to share your thoughts and ideas.