Tomatoes trellis

This year I'm giving a try to a new tomatoes trellis, usually we just have cages around them and then just try and control them from creeping out of the cage. Even with all the effort it's still hard to control them and by the end of the season they are falling out and the fruit is not getting enough sun hiding behind the leaves.

Some time ago I spoted a trellis that intrigued me and I made a decision to build it at my garden. It's a simple trellis that is build out of 2x2 in both sides of the garden box and a whire attached at the top, going across the whole box. I attached a garden string to the wire and the base of the tomato plants.
As the tomatooe grows I twist the string around the plant this way supporting the plant vertically.
Here are some pictures that i took with my phone. I will update as the plant growth and share my thoughts.