Healthy Road Meals

Our family enjoys taking road trips and with a road trip comes a long tradition of taking certain food with us that we eat. Personally I am not a fan of going to fast food restaurants during the trip I prefer something from home. With this short blog today I just wanted to share what our lunch was. We stoped at a rest area about 10 miles in to California to have lunch, to my surprise the weather was not all that good and we had to even hide from the rain at one point, but the kids had fun running around in the grass and stratching there legs.
Our meal was simple.
Boild quail and chicken eggs, beef smoked sausage, organic tomatoes, rye bread, horseradish sause, and red pepper spread. We made small sandwiches and enjoyed them with some plain water. I tend to think that it's a healthier meal than going to some fast food and having lots of fatty food and it's faster as well. O and I almost forgot the main meal smoked bacon.
Tell us what do you eat when you go on road trips.