Home made sauerkraut

Our first year of growing cabbage is starting to pay off, now that we were able to consume few heads of cabbage as salad, my wife decided to try and put some up as sauerkraut. In our culture (Easter European) we have grown up consuming sauerkraut with carrot and a bit of sunflower oil as a salad, as well as other great meals which I hope I can share with all of you in the future. Before we can get to that we have to make the sauerkraut.

Having an organic home grown cabbage is a plus for any recipe and the health benefit is great as well. There are a few different type of sauerkraut that are out there and the one we are making today is more like the one that Russian or Ukrainian people are familiar with, it's a bit milder than the German one and it's not as sour, that's the one we grew up with so called Russian Sauerkraut (kislaya kapusta).

The recipe is simple.
5 Lb of cabbage.
3 tablespoon of sea salt.
Mix it well in a food grade bucket and wait it with a rock so the cabbage produces juice. After about 2 days pack it in a glass jar and put it up in a fridge. If you like to can the cabbage increase the salt to 4 spoon. Simple but tasty.

Till next time.