Fall planting in the NW

Our first attempt at fall and winter gardening.
With the colder days here to stay it's time to try out something new in the garden, why let the soil sit there with out producing any thing if you can harvest fresh food through the winter, or so is our hope. This year we have decided to try out growing greens in the fall but since it's our first year we can only hope that we can harvest something out of it.

We have started some greens in pots that we had and than transplanted them into the garden boxes as the space came available, with some of the summer harvest coming to the end we are able to use the space year round, of course one important step in this is not to forget to add a good layer of compost to feed the soil.

This year we started out with basic Cabbage, Cali flour, Broccoli, Mixed salad greens, Kohlrabi and Spinach. So far they are all growing nicely and keeping our hope up but the cold weather is just around the corner and we shall wait and see how they do.