August Harvest tally

On August 3 I decided to keep a tally of everything that our garden produces, including the meet and the egg count that we get. At first it was something that we had to remind ourselves on daily bases the we need to do but by now it has turned in to a habit and not a chore.
Here in the NW we had a cold July and somewhat of a cool August, it was not till the end of August that the temperature started rising and we finally started to get our tomato to ripen but other vegetables had no problem producing a great harvest for us so here is the August 3 through September 3 harvest tally.

200 lb of Vegetables and fruits.
5 lb of meat (2 rabbits)
107 chicken eggs
4 quail eggs.

Our quail and rabbits are still young so we are not able to butcher them yet but perhaps in the next month they will be butcher weight and our 20+ rabbits can add some protein on our table.