Old-Fashion Quick Apple Strudel

What could be better on a sunny chilly autumn afternoon than the smell of a freshly baked Apple Strudel? The chilly, crisp autumn air and the golden leaves are synonymous with baked apple goods. Last weekend, we decided to slap together some quick old-fashioned apple strudels. We been fortunate enough to score some free organic apples this year…The aroma of the baking strudels was overwhelmingly breathtaking and comforting as it brought back a lot of memories of the childhood days long gone… Contrary to popular belief Apple Strudels are quite easy and quick to make; unlike the more traditional way of using yeast in making the dough rise, we used baking soda, that way we did not need to proof the dough or the strudels before baking them, cutting out on quite a bit of time. In our house the soda apple strudels are much more preferred to their traditional cousins of yeast apple strudels; however, when it comes to Poppy Seeds Strudels or Rolls the yeast dough is a must, later on that. Back to the Apple Strudels, below are the simple and very basic ingredients for this delicious pastry. You mix all the ingredients, then I normally leave the covered dough on the countertop until the time is right, meaning I finish cleaning the kitchen and slice and dice all the apples. First you may want to divide this portion of dough into 10 uniform pieces. Then you roll out the dough on a lightly flour dusted surface, somewhat thin, but not too thin as you don’ t want the dough to be pierced through with the slightly rigid apple pieces. Next, you just spoon the diced apples as much as you’ d like and lightly sprinkle sugar on top, about a tablespoon or two per strudel. Then you take both ends of the dough and bring them together, slightly pinching to secure shut, you want to make sure that the edges of the pastry are also sealed shut so that juices do not escape, making the strudel dry. Place the formed strudels on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet, leaving about a 2 inch space between each as some air circulation is needed once they rise. Bake at 350 degree oven until medium brown on top, not golden and not burned. Once they have thoroughly cooked through take them out allow to cool for 10-20 minutes before enjoying them with a cold glass of milk. Repeat the process until all have been baked, roughly 3 batches,depending on your oven and baking sheet(s) size. Please follow this link to the Recipe.