Knitting in Early Fall

As the weather turns for the worst, the thoughts of knitting become more alluring. I've got quite a few projects left over from previous season that need finishing. Not that excited to work on half done projects, but I know I'll feel a sense of accomplishment once they are done and my kids can still enjoy them. Funny that I bring that up, I have an orange vest I was knitting for my daughter, I'd say about 3 years ago, she has now grown out of it, but it's still not completed. Now I view it as just another opportunity to morph that chunky yarn into something beautiful and perhaps more intricate or practical, rather than a failure.

See the thing with knitting, as some may relate, is to put your creativity into a physical form without jeopardizing the enjoyment and relaxing aspect of it. Whenever a project becomes more of a chore than enjoyment it's then put onto a back-burner until enough creativity juices accumulate to finish it.... Lately I've been knitting up a storm, trying to finish the undone projects of many seasons ago while starting some new ones... In the upcoming weeks and days, I'll try to post pics of the projects... Meanwhile enjoy the yarn and the weather! :)