Stop my coffee addiction

Being on a busy schedule I got used to having a cup of coffee in the morning and at least another one at about 2:00 pm than finish the day off with a cup at night. People said that I was addicted to it but I always denied that. Personally I did not see anything wrong with having coffee except that it adds up when you purchase Starbucks all the time. About 4 weeks ago a friend of my recommended that I try a product called UniveraXtra , so being a skeptical person I first did some reading on the product and the company, finding that the product is made from plants and work on giving strength and food to our cells I decided to give this a try now my goal was not to quit drinking coffee but to just better my well being. After 2 weeks of drinking this product I must share this with all of you.

The biggest things I noticed was that I was able to get up in the morning earlier than before and have energy through the whole day with out having any down time and about three days into taking Xtra I was totally off coffee, at first I did not even notice that I had no cravings for it, I just simply forgot to get some in the morning. In addition to all of that I notice that my appetite decreased, before I could easily have a large steak with 2 sides, but now all my friends are asking me why I'm not hungry. With all that said I can truly say that Xtra does work, It helped me stop my coffee addiction, craved my appetite, and gives me more energy through out the day.

If you would like to give this product a try they offer a 90day money back guarantee so feel free to go to the web site and give it a try.