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My tomatoes growing in our garden
As many of you know this blog is focused on sharing recipes, health tips and news that affect our health. With that said I had to share with you about this since it has impacted my life in a positive way and I'm sure that it will impact yours as well.

As the picture on the left shows I as many of you strive to eat healthy and naturally, avoiding unhealthy food and growing our own as much as possible but even with that we all know that we are still lacking nutritions and as we age our body becomes weaker and weaker, we know all of this because we can see that it takes us longer to heal from injuries, we tend to get sick more often we become weaker and our strength seems to disintegrate with age.

So how can we help our body get healthier and stronger?

There are many plants in the world that can help us regenerate our body to greater health, by helping it build stronger cells and thus tipping it into better well being. How can we get hold of those products is the question, obviously we cant travel the world picking through leaves and digging in roots to find something that can give us better and stronger cells, with that question in mind I started looking for a company that already does that and that is when I stumbled on Univera. They have the largest functioning medicinal plant library, and they go to great distance to make good quality product. I recommend for all of you to look into this company and help your body get stronger and healthier. Watch the video about this company and look at the web site and learn more.      http://wholesomeliving.myunivera.com/