Dead Kefir Grain

I was producing 15 gallons of kefir every 4 days and then I killed it, now I have to start all over. If you are making your own water kefir than you know the benefits of it and for all of you who have not started drinking water kefir than it's time that you look in to it's health benefits and the great taste of it.

How I killed my kefir grain.

It all started on the day when I decided to experiment with my kefir and try to reduce the sweetness in it and also reduce the alcohol level in it. I changed my recipe by reducing the amount of sugar thus slowly starving my grains, at first it was not noticeable that the grains were starving but after I left to Mexico for 4 days the fast death of my grain pets were visible. When I got back all my grains were dead and the kefir was covered in a layer of sticky substance and I had to throw all of it out and start all over with a cup of grain.

Lesson learned, don't starve your grains you might not see the slow miserable death of them but trust me it will come and you will not even notice how it happened.