Is MSG Avoidable

Recently there has bin a lot of talk about MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) and how it negatively can affect your health. Many people including myself have consumed foods with MSG for most of our life with out even knowing it, even baby formula had MSG until the 1960 when it was determined MSG had detrimental neurological impact on the brain of infants. This poses a question what affects does it have on our brain and our health over all.

It's not a secret that MSG has health affects on us and many of us have experienced it after having meals that have high levels of MSG in the food. Many people have headache, sometimes called MSG headache, flushing, numbness or tingling in or around the mouth, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, muscle tightening, or lightheadedness, migraines and even mood changes. Some of the long term health affects are weight gain, it can lead to brain damage, brain cell death, brain tumors and other life threatening health impacts.

The question is for us is it avoidable and how?

Many of the products that we purchase have a clear label that says that no MSG is added, but did you know that they can use an ingredient that has MSG in it and they don't have to let you know. For example lets say you are purchasing a spice that has a label that says no MSG added, but when you look at the ingredients it says that it has natural flavor, well most likely the natural flavor will have MSG in it. Whats even more disturbing is that the companies have figured out other hidden names that they can use for MSG thus making it even more difficult for us to know when it is present in the food.
After gathering info on MSG I came up with a conclusion that it's practically impossible to avoid MSG unless we grow our food and make all our spices, although I got to admit that there are spices that have no MSG in them, we just have to pay attention to what we purchase, and stay away from the prepared, prepackaged food most of them will have some form of MSG. In restaurants we need to ask them not to add any MSG to our food, be vigilant when we purchase our food and most importantly don't be lazy cook your own food, grow some fresh vegetable stop relying on all that microwave prepared meals it's time to get back to our roots and start eating well made healthy food.


Samantha Escalon said…
this is hardly avoidable. even as we eat in restaurants, almost all of them use MSG. phenocal