Sourdough Beer Pizza Dough

After becoming a fan of the beer pizza dough I made a goal to switch it from yeast to sourdough starter and I finally succeeded, with out changing much of the recipe just changing the yeast to sourdough and adjusting beer and flour I was able to come up with a great dough that is easy to work and bakes great. The dough got lots of bubbles in the WFO and the pizza was ready in about 90 second. So if you are looking to make a great pizza dough I would recommend that you give this sourdough beer pizza dough a try.

Ingredients for beer pizza dough
400 gram 100% hydration white starter (that's about 2 cups)
1 3/4 cup beer
2 table spoon olive oil
4 table spoon sugar
2 tsp salt
4 cup bread makers flour

I adjusted the flour and the beer since my starter had 200 grams of flour and 200 grams of water in it. Combine all the wheat ingredients including the starter than add your flour. Mix together and let the dough rest for 15 minutes.

Knead the doug for 5 minutes and let it rise for about 4 hours or plase in the refrigirater over nigt. Devide your dough into 5 equal parts and make into rounds let it rest for about an hour or if you are taking it out of the refrigiratour rest for 2-3 hours and make your pizza. From this dough I was able to make 5 medium pizzas with thin crust. I took the pictures after we cut into them I think I was to hungry.


5 Star Foodie said…
The dough sounds terrific with beer!
Dimitry said…
With the new twist, having this a starter base makes it even more fun.
Yuliya Yablokova said…
I can't wait to try making this pizza! Where do I buy the 100% hydration white starter?
Dimitry said…
You will not be able to purchase the starter but you can make some yourself here is one that I made

Also I have the same recipe that you can do with just regular dry yeast.
Caveman Cooking said…
Thanks, Dimitry! I definitely want to give tis a go. How long can you store any unused dough?
Dimitry said…
The longest I stored it was for about a week, but you can taste that the sourdough starter has made it more sour, I usually try to make it just enough for our family to enjoy. You can cut the recipe down if you need less, I also want to try freezing it but have not attempted that.
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