Onesies- Perfect Baby Onesie

Perfect Baby Onesie

I am particular about certain things in life, and a baby onesie is one of them. Hey, I agree that it may be a weird item to be particular about, but to me sometimes the impracticability of the simple items just don't make sense, if they are meant to be simple then lets keep them that way.

With my second child I have noticed that there are different onesies out there and the ones I really liked are made, you guessed it, by Gerber. The ones made by Gerber fell in my "favorite baby items" list because of the bottom closures. The Gerber onesie does not have the back and front the same length and thus the closure is not exactly at the bottom; rather the back is much longer and comes all the way around towards the top of the diaper in the front. Because of such engineering and construction the onesie is not bulky between the baby legs, neither do the snaps/buttons irritate baby's legs. Also, Gerber onesies do not have a reinforcing strip on their snaps- which to me is a great idea- as it's only an extra bulk for baby to have between the tiny legs. One more bonus is that their snaps seems to be a bit smaller- thus more comfortable for the baby and they also open more easily while holding tight at the same time.. As you can tell I favor these over others by great degree.

Now, while shopping for our brand new baby - I noticed that Target sells Gerber organic onesies- and those are a real treat. The organic onesies seem to have a bit of a tighter weaved fabric- making them a bit warmer and softer while still holding all the great contributions of the original Gerber onesie. Portland's Babies "R"Us does not carry the organic ones, so if you are interested- stop by Target, you should be in luck.

Gerber organic onesies get may vote for money well spend!!!


round crib said…
Aside from choosing durable clothing, I also see to it that the fabric is comfortable. I wouldn't want my baby to feel uncomfortable wearing them.