Easy apple Cake

Tasty but yet so simple is what's so special about this cake. Last Sunday I had guests over and my 8 year old son actually made this for his first time, and it turned out great. Have you ever had one of those days when someone gives you  an hour notice that they are coming over; in our circle of friends this happens often, and this is the time when this cake comes in handy. My family loves to make this whenever we are in a crunch for time and we need to have some dessert. Now that my son knows how to make this, having something sweet in the house will be even easier.

3 eggs.
1/2 stick butter or margarine.
1 cup of flour.
1 cup sugar.
5 apples cored, sliced or cubed, depending on size and variety used may be more or less

Melt the butter, while the butter melts beat the 3 eggs lightly and add the sugar and flour then add your melted butter to the batter, mix well and add the apples. Mix the batter with a spoon until all the apples are covered in the batter. While mixing it may seem that there are too many apples in the batter, but there should be enough apples that the batter just barely covers all of them, if there are not enough apples the cake will not have much volume. Grease a small cookie sheet or any other kind of baking dish and spread the batter on a baking sheet. Bake in a preheated 375 degree oven for approximately 45 minutes. The cake should be golden with some brownish spots. You can sprinkle some powdered sugar on top as decoration or leave as is. It's great with milk or a hot cup of tea.

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love4coffee.blogspot.com said…
Oh my! THis sounds great! But I need to slow down on the desserts! :(
Natasha - 5 Star Foodie said…
Perfect - easy to make and delicious! Yum!
Dimitry said…
Make this be your last one.
Dimitry said…
Thank you.