Classic Burger recipe

Can there be anything better than a good classic burger? the only thing better is when one is made with home made patties. I used to purchase most of my hamburger patties frozen in local groceries stores and I always wondered why is it when you cook a hamburger the meat shrinks almost by half, what in the world do they add to the meat, this time I made the hamburgers my self and they did not shrink at all so forget about the store bough patties, from now on I'm making my own. When I purchased 200 lb of beef from a local farmer I did not order any hamburger meat, so in order to make some hamburger patties I had to ground the meat up myself, I started with 2lb of stew meat that I ground up in to hamburger meat than I created the patties.

1 lb hamburger meat.
1/2 teaspoon of Montreal Seasoning.
1 egg
One handful of cheese.

Combine all the ingredients together and make into small round balls, press the ball down with the palm of your hand creating the patties. I cooked the patties on high heat for about 7 minutes flipping them one time, I made the patties fairly large thinking that they would shrink, which they didn't so I ended up with fairly tall hamburgers, but because they taste so great I had 2 hamburgers for dinner. If you have never made your own home made hamburger patties I recommend you give it a try, it's simple and the hamburgers taste much better.

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Samantha Escalon said…
that is a whopping burger! my goodness! :D architectural grille