Beef steak omelet recipe

One morning I decided to create an omelet out of some cubed beef that I had in my fridge, I basically created this just by remembering what they did in restaurants at brunch time. The beef steak omelet turned out great, simple yet tasty with a light hint of seasoning. With my new camera at my side I was able to create some decent pictures according to me, well at least they are better than the previous photos. I was able to make three fairly large omelets that my family enjoyed for breakfast.


1 beef steak cut in to cubes.
6 eggs
1 cup milk.
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin.
1/2 bell pepper cubed.
1/4 Sweet onion cubed.
2 green onions sliced.
some pepperchinis.
salt and pepper to taste.

Take your steak and on a hot pan cook it with a bit of salt and pepper and ground cumin and set aside. Prep all your vegetable and set in separate dishes this way people can choose what they would like in there omelet. Combine the 6 eggs and 1 cup of milk and bat till one consistency, you can also add some salt and pepper to the eggs.

Preheat a small pan and oil it well, take your vegetables and cook them first for few minutes then add the eggs to cover the vegetables. As the eggs cook take you spatula and lift the edges of the eggs at the same time slightly tipping your pan to that edge so the uncooked eggs would flow under the lifted portion. When the eggs are somewhat solid flip them over and add cheese, then gently fold as you transfer the egg omelet to the plate. Sprinkle some cheese and serve with salsa.

Have a great breakfast.

What is your favourite breakfast meal?

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Comments said…
Oh! they are great pictures! Sometimes it is hard to photograph food so it looks appetizing! That's why I also got a new camera (well, my poor old camera couldn't take pictures of anything anymore... everything was blurry!)

My new camera is a Nikon "CoolPix S630" 12 Megapixels... I hope I will have a professional camera one day! I love photography!

Your omelet looks superb! Thanks for sharing!

Dimitry said…
Picture taking is a whole new monster, I stepted up and got myself a Nikon D5000 kit from Costco it takes great pictures but I have to learn how to use it.
5 Star Foodie said…
Sounds like a hearty and delicious breakfast!
Emily said…
This is something that I know my husband-to-be will absolutely love!! Definitely saving this recipe to use! Thanks for sharing:o)
Dimitry said…
Thank you it's a perfect way to start a day.
Dimitry said…
Thanks and I hope you like it. said…
That is a great camera... actually that's the one I wanted but I just couldn't afford it :(

Caveman Cooking said…
Looks like a delicious breakfast, Dimitry!
Dimitry said…
Thanks it was great, kept me going for more than half of the day.
Samantha Escalon said…
wow! this looks good! yum yum! :D Toronto Graphic Design