Bake n Blog February 9 2010

Another exciting day in the baking world for me, I get to fire up my wood fired oven and bake some sourdough bread. Since I have found great appreciation for my spelt sourdough bread and the Pain au Levain I will be baking them again, but this time I decided to change the recipe on the spelt sourdough and instead of white flour I used Whole Wheat. The Whole wheat flour made the dough a bit more sticky and harder to work with but I hope that it will taste great we just have to wait and see.

New bread.

This time I'm trying  a Sourdough pain de mie from Wild Sourdough by Youke Mardewi. It's the first time that I'm attempting this bread so will have to just wait and see. The biggest difference is that the liquid starter is made with whole milk, it sounds interesting and supposed to be a great sandwich bread. The starter was mixed yesterday by following the instructions.

Ingredients for starter
50 gram rye starter at 150% hydration
250 grams wheat flour.
500 grams whole milk.
Stir together and let sit overnight till till the starter is nice and active.

This far I got all my dough mixed except the Pain de mie, I will mix this a bit later since it's a single rice bread, now I just have to put it all in my proofing cabinet that my brother got for me yesterday, I'm so happy that I have it, now I hope I can get more consistent results since I can control the environment were the bread will be proofed.


Devaki@weavethousandflavors said…
Hi Dimitri - I can't wait to see how your bread turns out! Thanks for your comment on my blog & for the visit.

Ciao, Devaki
Dimitry said…
Thanks Devaki, I just got the wood fired oven fired up, Cant wait to bake later tonight.