Bake n Blog February 9 2010 finish

As my bake day came to the close it was more of a disappointment than success this time. There were happy moments that shun through on small occasions but over all it was a bust. My spelt sourdough that I like to make did not turn out, the substitution of white flour with wheat made the dough wet and hard to work with, and when I free formed the bread it decided to run all over and became more of a large flat bread. The only good part of this bread story is that I got a proof cabinet and made wooden shelf for the proffer so non of my bread stuck to the shelves. When the bread baked the flavor was more sour than I would like, reading few blogs about baking I learned that the small amount of salt does not add much to the flavor so this time I skipped the salt on my breads, big no no, the small pinch of salt that we add to the dough actually makes a big difference in taste. The Pain au Levain turned out great except that I also held the salt back so it's not as flavorful but over all it is a good bread.

To Success.

This bake I decided to try and convert my beer pizza dough from using dry yeast to sourdough and it was a success. I hope to share about this in my next blog, I baked 4 pizzas including 1 with bananas and cinnamon, and we loved it.

Things I learned from the bake.

One main thing I have learned from this bake is that when you are trying a new bread or a changing your current recipe, do it to a single loaf of bread, not your whole mix.

Stick to what works, and what you know that you will like.

Use salt, although it's a small amount but does enhance the flavor tremendously.

Most of all don't get disappointed, you can always try again.

Till our next bake.


Emily @Cleanliness is Next to Godliness said…
Yumm! Everything looks wonderful. I can appreciate the joys and failures associated with baking!
Cristina @ TeenieCakes said…
Looks like you made a lot of beautiful breads. Isn't it amazing what salt does in a recipe...even a little bit. You've inspired to try something out of my bread baking book by Reinhardt (which I've been afraid of). Thanks for sharing your tips.
Dimitry said…
Thank you Emily the breads did taste great.

Thank you
Dimitry said…
Thank You for visiting my blog, go ahead an give a bread baking a try, it's lot's of fun, some days it's better than others but over all I enjoy the bakes. said…
I just LOVE all of your posts! And I am thankful that you shared what you learned! That pizza looks phenomenal! My dad is a baker... I guess that's one of the reasons why I love stopping here! He's been baking since he was a kid and he loves it... His dad's mother started a "Panaderia" (Bakery) in Mexico and that is a legacy that I hope I can also pass on to my daughter....

Dimitry said…
I'm new at this so I'm still practicing some day I hope to be able bake great breads on regular basis.