Vienetta ice cream

One of my favorite ice creams Vienetta, have disappeared from the store shelf's about 10 years ago, but as luck has it I stumbled upon it few days ago. And since many people used to love it, I decided to write a small blog just to share my find with the rest of the Vienetta lovers. There are 2 different flavors one is vanilla and the second is tipple chocolate. The vienetta ice cream is shaped like a cake and has layers of chocolate in between. It's a wonderful ice cream that can be enjoyed by any at any time or can be served at dinner to guests. It looks wonderful and tastes even better. The only problem is that it's hard to find in any stores, at one time my wife even called Breyers to see if there are any distributors left in OR, and unfortunately there wasn't. But for all the west coast readers, this Sunday I found it in Grocery Outlet of all the places, and they had it on special for .99 cents, regularly it cost $1.49, but even at that price it's still a bargain, it used to cost over $5.00, and that was 7 years ago when I was in SFO and found it there in a store. Any ways for all of those who would like to have some run to Grocery Outlet, and if you don't have it in your area than all I can say is you are missing out.


Anonymous said…
Loved this stuff but can't find it in Savannah, GA anywhere!!!! I would love to find even a website that sold it.