To much cooking this Sunday

Yesterday we had guests over at our house, had a blast cooking and spending time with family. Started my day at 5am mixing the dough for bread and pizza, also started the fire in the pizza oven and by 7 I was back in bed for another hour nap. For this bake I tried a new recipe with rye starter that's 1 part flour and 1.5 part water, the flour that was used was a combination of organic spelt and organic white flour. The bread turned out great, it did not have to thick of a crust on it and the rye starter gave it a nice mild sourdough flavor. That's the bread, but for the rest we had some beef ribs smoked in a traeger smoker, with Montreal seasoning, smoked at 250 degree for 6 hours, great taste, mild smoke flavor. I think I need to cut down on all this smoked meat, it's not good for my liver.

Talking about liver, I made some beef liver tort, the name probably makes it sound wrong but it tastes great, basically you take the liver and onion, put it through a grinder, add eggs, cook on a pan like you would cook pancakes, make some caramelized onion, take first pancake and spread a thin layer of mayo than the second pancake, spread a thin layer of caramelized onion, and so on, one layer mayo, one layer onion.

Back to the party, I made a soup called shurppa, lots of beef, onion than more onion, bell pepper, carrots, spices, and lots of cilantro, I made it with beef but originally its made with lamb witch gives it a little more flavor, I just ran out of lamb at home. There were much more, 2 salads, baby red potato, attempted  making duchess potato, did not work out so well, they were sticking to the pan to much.

Then came the sweets, cake roll with pineapple snow filling, our version of apple bars, than my sister in law brought some rogaliki with canned cherries, and fresh bread with jam.

So that's the jist of it there were much more, but this post will just become unbearable. I hope in the next few days I can share some recipes on how to make some of these. Or write us some questions we will be glad to answer them.


richard said…
wow, that looks fantastic!
Dimitry said…
Thank you