Tempura shrimp and soft shell crab

Few days back when I was making my sushi I needed to make some tempura shrimp and soft shell crab. Normally I would do something like this outside, but with our rainy weather in Portland, Or I had to do this inside, and what a mess. Like myself many of us who blog about food we tend to over complicate things by using to much ingredients or we get tons of equipment dirty, so for this tempura I decided to be simple and use only eggs, flour, water, salt and pepper. If we are planing to use the shrimp in sushi like I was it's nice to have it flat and in order to do that we need to start off by making small incisions on the inside of the shrimp, then gently flatten the shrimp on a cutting board, leaving the tail on the shrimp, place the shrimp on a paper towel and pat it dry, we do not want any water on them, this is especially important on crab, hence my first mistake is I did not dry them and the oil went all over the place.

Tempura better.
1 Cup Ice cold water.
1 Cup flour.
1 egg.
salt pepper to taste.

Combine all the ingredients in one dish and mix till it's nice and smooth.

Now to the fun part.

Take a medium pot and fill it with oil, be careful not to have to much oil, I would recommend using a larger pot that has fairly high sides, this way you will prevent splatter and a big clean up job. I made a mistake and used a tiny pot filled it with 2/3 oil and than placed a wet soft shell crab in to it, you can imagine what happened next, the oil bubbled over the top, went all over the stove started smoking, luckily for me I kind of predicted that this would happen so I turned off my stove, and prevented a possible fire.

Back to the fun, fill your pan just enough so the oil will cover your largest crab, you do not want to place more than 2 crabs at a time, or it will cool down your oil. Preheat the oil to 350 degree, a good way to test this is by taking a drop of the tempura better and dropping it in the oil it should not sink to the bottom but float on top. When your oil is hot take some tongs preferably once that don't have sharp ends on them so you will not pierce the tempura when taking it out of the oil, grab the shrimp by the tail and place it in the tempura batter making sure it is fully covered in the better, take the shrimp and slowly place it in the oil, cook until golden brown, the same goes with the crab only when placing the crab in the better place the claws in first allowing them to become crunchy and cook separately from the crab. Remove the shrimp or the crab and place it on a towel to make sure that any extra oil will be absorbed, wait for it to cool before rolling it in the sushi roll.

If you don't make mistakes like I did it's actually fairly simple, but if your anything like me than we can surely make it messy, luckily for me my wife was there to clean the mess up.


Pam said…
They look perfectly crispy and delicious.
Dimitry said…
Thank you. They were great in sushi. With some home made sushi sauce which I will share in future posts.
Emily said…