T bone steak

No one can pass on a good steak, so get ready to be teased by a great looking meat that made my day.
What more does a men need a piece of steak, some mashed potato, and grilled veggies, simple, I don't understand why people complain that men are picky eaters. Anyway back to the T bone, having access to beef in a freezer is great, so I decided to have some comparison on steak starting with T bone.

I prepare my steak using only McCormick Montreal seasoning, and some olive oil. Rub the steak with olive oil, and seasoning. Preheat your grill as hot as you can and place your steak on the grill, cooking for about 5 minutes each side depending on how you like your steak.

The T bone was nice, flavorful and tender, it had a nice sweet flavor that I enjoyed during diner with my family. I think the T bone has a little more flavor than perhaps other cuts, but at  the same time it is a little on a leaner side with less marbling. Over all it's a great steak and after this I will consider ordering it in a restaurant if they don't have rib eye.