Steak Quesadilla with caramelized onion.

This is a fun and easy meal that's simple to prepare and kids love it. I usually make this meal with the steak that was leftover from a night before thus putting my good steak to good use.

All you would need to have is:

Flour or corn tortillas.
Cooked steak.

Start with caramelizing your onion this process will take about an hour so be patient, if you don't want to wait you can just cook the onion instead of caramelizing them.  Cut your steak into slices and add to the onion just to heat it up.

In a separate pan warm up your tortilla and sprinkle some cheese on half of it, add your onion with steak and sprinkle some cheese on top. Fold your tortilla and flip it upside down to melt the cheese and seal the tortilla. Enjoy with some salsa.


Coffee Lovers said…
IT SOUNDS SOOOOO GOOD! I'll have to make it soon! Thanks for sharing it! and thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll start following yours!
Cajun Chef Ryan said…
Quesadillas are so great to make and always seem to hit the spot with just about any ingredient, your steak with caramelized onions appears to be a hit also!

I love turning leftover into a whole knew meall!! These look great!!!!!!!
Dimitry said…
Especially when it's steak, you don't want to throw that away but rather make something good of it.
Caveman Cooking said…
Guess I have to grill up some extra steak next time! Lookin' good!!