Sheep Skin for the Carseat

Sheep Skin for the Car seat

Purchasing a real Sheep Skin for baby's Cars eat seemed like a no brainer- of course you want only the finest for the newborn, and by this time I have read more articles on the internet then I could ever care for about the wonderful properties and benefits of sheep skin. There are reports of studies being done which have showed that sheepskin has positively effected the recovery of premature infants and soothed fuzzy babies, plus wool does not make you sweat in the heat and it's a great weatherproofing agent for cold.

The sheep skin is already cut out for the car seat, so it has holes for the buckel as well as for the belts in the carseat. It's soft and plush with approximately 1.5 inches of wool fiber. I paid about $40 for ours- we got it at Babyworks in Portland.

Since we did not get a new car seat, but rather used one from our first baby, which was now over 8 years old, $40 did not seems like much as a new car seat with synthetic fabric and fibers/materials would cost more to replace any way. Thus far the sheep skin gets my vote for money well spend. I use the sheepskin in baby's swing as well as it's very plush and the baby does not have to lay on the hard surface of the swing, and I don't have to put a baby blanket underneath like I did with my older children. And no I did not buy two of them, just one that is taken out of the car seat and inserted in the baby swing. The sheep skin also fits my pram stroller perfectly, so I am getting quite a bit of use out of it. By the way my husband has already said that once the kiddo grews out of it- it will be his.

Sheep Skin for the Carseat is very much worth the money in my opinion. You can purchase them at your local orgnaic baby supply stores or you can buy it online at