Pelmeni are a traditional Russian dish that is sort of like a dumpling. They are made with meat, onion wrapped in thin non leaven dough and boiled in water.  That is the basic of it, there are many stores that sell them frozen that you can just boil them and enjoy for dinner, I personally prefer to make some and just freeze them for the day that you might be lazy to cook, than just open, boil and enjoy. Well the lazy day was upon me yesterday and luckily for me I had some pelmeni in the freezer, although I got to admit my wife made these not me but ether way they made a good dinner. Surely makes up for those lazy nights wen we don't feel like cooking, and it's healthier than having microwave diners.

These were hand made thus having this shape and they are filled with chicken meat. 


Caveman Cooking said…
Hey Dimitry! I have never hear of this dish before. But, it sounds good! Do you put any type of sauce on them after they are cooked?
Dimitry said…
Traditionally you would put butter, and eat them ether with sour cream or dipping them into a mixture of 1 part vinegar and 1 part water. I usually like to have them with apple cider vinegar. Back in Russia we did not have many sauces with our dishes, I think it could be because of the ability of people to make them do to the lack of resources. We did not have all the spices and fresh veggies that are available here. So we had to simplify.