Pain au levain

Last weekend I baked about 20 breads and I had my first attempt at Pain au levain, this was a version from wild sourdough by Yoke Mardewi. The bread turned out wonderful and I really enjoyed it on sandwiches and with butter and jam, this is a great bread, and the dough is easy to work with definitely one of the breads that I will be making again.

Since I bake in a wood fired oven the recipe here is such to bake about 10 loaves of bread.


900 grams of 150% hydration rye starter culture.
3,600 grams of unbleached organic bakers flour.
2,160 grams of filtered water.
60 grams of sea salt.

If you would like to bake 1 to 2 loaves just divide all the ingredients by 6.

Mix all the ingredient together and let it rest for 20 min

Kneading 15 minutes

Rest 30 minutes

Final kneading 15 minutes

First rise 4-6 hours, this will depend so just watch that the dough almost doubles.

Divide and shape.

Final rise about 2 hours.

Bake and enjoy with your favorite jam or make a sandwich.


Psychgrad said…
20 loaves of bread -- very impressive. I'd like to try cooking in a wood oven.
Dimitry said…
It's lots of fun, except on those wet days.
Kristi Rimkus said…
I can see why you would have a panini grill on your counter. This bread looks so delicious. I could never have this wonderful bread around, I'd eat the whole loaf!
Jenn@slim-shoppin said…
That bread looks amazing. How lucky you have a brick oven like that!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!
Dimitry said…
That's pretty much what we do just eat it all. Ever since I got my wood burning oven finished I eat more bread than ever before.
Mary said…
Wow! 20 loaves! That's quite a feat. Bread looks amazing, I recently bought a copy of the Mardewi book so I might give this one a go when the next weekend rolls around.
Dimitry said…
Thanks for coming to my blog and I know I'm lucky with that oven. Hope to hear from you again.
Dimitry said…
It's a wonderful bread, I made sandwiches, and enjoyed it with bruschetta, also great with some butter and jam, perfect with a cup of tea.
Hélène said…
I would love to know if you build your oven yourself. Is it outside? I would love one. Great bread.
Dimitry said…
Thank you for reading our posts, regarding the oven I build it in my back yard, started in last spring and got to a stage that I could bake in it this fall.
You can see more on my site.