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I was on a mission to find a baby mattress that did not have a vinyl cover but rather a fabric one. I was not very particular about the kind or if it's organic or not; understandably organic factor was a bonus but not a requirement on this purchase. To much of my disappointment vinyl covers dominate the world of baby mattresses. Babies R Us had two mattresses that had a fabric covers so I kept those in mind as I continued my search. I also discovered that Costco carried baby mattress as well and some even in organics. I should go back and state what we have come across during our search of the perfect one. A store called "Holy Lamb Organics" in Washington carries several kind of baby organic mattresses a wool one and a natural latex one- which they ask an arm and a leg for both, as I may have liked them- but they were definately out of my budget. Boutique baby stores in Portland area almost all carry organic mattresses for a fairly okay price- but I was not impressed enough with them to spend the premium. Segals in Beaverton had couple for $300- $400, one of them was organic with a vinyl cover; irony of which I don't quite get, what is the point of all the organic components if the baby ends up sleeping on the unbreathable vinyl anyway? An organic baby store on Division also carried couple for the same price, but the ones they carried were fabric covered- which I liked. Posh Boutique in Pearl, also had one- which I actually liked the most, but also for $400.

We ended up purchasing one from Babies R Us for $199.99 as it had a fabric cover on it (it was not an organic one), it was slightly more than the regular ones they carried. Once we got home I looked carefully at it and realized that a plain thin fabric was enveloping a vinyl mattress- which actually irritated me a bit, it didn't even have a filling between the fabric and the vinyl, just a thin fabric enveloping otherwise a regular mattress- a new marketing strategy not a new item... Then I looked once again at as I have previously checked them out and knew that they carried baby items. I discovered that the mattress that I liked was under $200.00 and it was organic; but not only was it organic it was made with coconut fiber and natural latex as well as with organic quilted cotton fabric cover. As a bonus it came with an organic cotton mattress protector. Needless to say we ordered the organic baby mattress from Costco, the one we ordered is made by LA Baby, and it has a description of "Organic Cotton Layer and Natural Coconut Fiber Bond with Natural Latex". The total cost for the mattress with taxes (as we live in Washington) came up to roughly $185.00. As soon as the one from Costco arrived, we loaded Babies R Us mattress and brought right back to them; and have not yet been disappointed with this Costco purchase.

On the side was it worth my money- Yes, thus far I feel like it was a good purchase and price, it has the fabric cover I was looking for and it's organic. I would recommend this item, assuming that still carries them.

Just one note if you are interested in the Costco organic baby mattress- it fit very snuggly into baby's crib and if you fear your crib maybe on a smaller size of standard cribs then you may want to try it out prior to discarding all the packaging. Costco will take your purchase back for a full price as the cost of shipping is included in the price and is not an add-on cost, which is very convenient if and when you are note sure if the item will work and you are purchasing it on-line.


My Urban Child said…
If you're concerned about quality, check to see if the Baby Mattresses manufacturer is a member of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Assocation or that the crib mattress carries a JPMA seal. Companies that are involved with JPMA have to meet certain professional and quality standards for their products to be in good standing with this industry organization.