Natural Baby Items

Over the last couple of years our household has slowly been making a change towards natural/ organic thus green living. And with the exciting news of the new addition to our family it only seemed natural to have natural if not organic baby items. However, I was not willing to totally go 100% organic in all items as I knew it would be an extremely difficult if not an impossible commitment to fulfil; so as soon as we found out that we were expecting and while the nausea was taking the best of me I was surfing the web for baby items that I would be interested in. We have agreed not to acquire anything until at least I pass the miscarrage state of 14 weeks. We have two older children, so my imagination of what would be needed was based on previous expereince and was very much realistic.

Even prior to our family's commitment for natural living, we have pretty much sworn off all the synthenic fibers for our babies as they were not breathable. Our babies grew up in cotton with an occasional wool and fleece. Below are some of the baby items that I have acquired and in later posts I'll try to go into detail about where it was purchased and what I honestly thought of the item- if it was trully worth my money. As you can imagine natural and/ or organic items do cost slightly more; but there are ways you can cut cost if you truly are intersted in it.

With the baby on the way who was to be born during winter I became very much interested in woolens, especially since I knit and do appreciate wool fibers as a knitter. One of the first items I bought for our baby was a sheep skin car seat inserter and a washable sheep skin blanket, then came an organic wool fiber filled baby blanket, followed by a crib sized organic merino knit baby blanket, then organic cotton burp cloth, hemp organic diaper, organic swaddling blanket and etc. Meanwhile if I was not purchasing organic items then I was seeking out only cottons and woolens, which in todays world is fairly easy to come by. I should add that during this preganancy I have stocked my knitting boxes with more woolen fibers and yarn than I have probably baught in the last 5 years combined. And no I have not knitted them all out yet.