How to caramelize onion

Caramelized onion give a special taste to many meals, from having it on top of steak or in your burgers, there are many uses for caramelized onion. Although the process is simple it's a lengthy one, so if you are considering caramelizing some onion today than give yourself about an hour to do that.

What you will need

1-2 onions, sliced.
1 teaspoon of sugar (optional).
olive oil.
saute pan.

Preheat your saute pan with some olive oil and turn it down on low to medium heat. Add your onion and cook it slowly on low heat mixing it every 2-3 minutes, you can adjust the heat a little higher after few minutes of cooking. You will also need to add some more oil as the onion cooks, make sure that you constantly mix the onion, so it doesn't burn. You will notice that the onion will start sticking to the pan and that is OK you will simply use your spatula to scrape it off the bottom, that will add color to your onion. Continue mixing, and scraping the onion for about an hour, you can also add some sugar that will help the channelization process, but it is not needed because the sugar in the onion will slowly caramelize with out any additional sugar needed.


These look so good!! Try adding a little balsamic vinegar to them that adds amazing flavor!!
Dimitry said…
Thanks for the tip I'll try that next time. I also heard that you can add baking soda to speed up the process.