Cream of wheat with home made plum jam.

One thing that a lot of people grew up on is cream of wheat, but what makes me wander is why most of the recipes out there say it should be cooked with water? Wen I was growing up we had ours cooked on raw milk strait from the cow, and that is exactly how I cook it for my children, except for raw milk, to expensive so had to go to whole milk, trust me I enjoy a good bowl of hot cream of wheat topped with some jam. You should try this, you want regret it.


1/2 cup cream of wheat.
2 cups of whole milk, or any other milk.
1 tablespoon of raw sugar.

Bring your milk to almost a boil and slowly add the the wheat to it constantly mixing it with a spoon. Mixing is the key to having smooth cream of wheat, also you might want to adjust the milk or the wheat because different brands will cook differently. When the cream of wheat is ready add the sugar, mix till the sugar melts. Serve on a flat plate with some Jam, honey, or fresh blueberry.


Cajun Chef Ryan said…
You know my dear wife loves cream of wheat and makes it often. Going to have to let her know about this one here!

Culinarily yours,