Chicken papaya sandwich

Few days back I purchased a papaya from Costco in Portland Oregon, when I brought it home I decided to experiment and make a sandwich with Chicken breast and papaya. To my surprise this was one of the best sandwiches that I have made to date, the kids loved it and my wife I think ate more of it than I did.


Slices of papaya.
Sliced avocado.
White artisan Bread.
Sliced grapes.
Some Montreal seasoning
Hot and sweet mustard.
Swiss cheese.

Slice your papaya, avocado and grape, spread some mayo and mustard on lightly toasted bread, place all the ingredients on the bread and sprinkle a bit of Montreal seasoning on the avocado.

This is one of the best sandwiches that I had, as I'm writing this I'm drooling for another bite in to it, but unfortunately I have no ingredients to make it. Luckily for me I am baking some bread today so Saturday is going to be another sandwich adventure for us.

Till next time.

Comments said…
Wow! I would've never thought of using papaya in a sandwich... is it "certain type" of papaya? is it ripe? The color looks very light! I would like to know because I love papaya but I want to make sure before I include it in a sandwich! Great pics! thanks for sharing!
Dimitry said…
Well I never thought of having papaya in a sandwich ether until the day that I realized that if I like a sandwich made with some chutney I will probably like it with fruit in it. The papaya is ripe and I believe its called Mexican Papaya Its fairly large probably about 9 inches long, so far I bought it always in Costco.