Canadian bacon with apple butter sandwich

One of my favorite sandwiches is a turkey chutney on Como bread, but since I had no turkey in my fridge I decided to be inventive and created a Canadian bacon with apple butter sandwich. The simple but delicious sandwich made with Canadian bacon, and muenster cheese is a great way to enjoy a lunch on any day. With my bread baking I'm having lots of opportunity to try new sandwiches with new ingredients that I have in my fridge.
The bread was baked in my WFO made with organic flour and sourdough starter, the rest of the ingredients came from the local store.

2 Slices of artisan bread.
Apple butter or chutney.
Muenster cheese.
Mixed greens.
Pickles. (I pickled them last summer)

One side of bread has mayo, the other has the apple butter and the rest in between, cut and enjoy.


CookingAsshole said…
That looks awesome! Since you made the pickles yourself do you think you could do a post on pickling? I have never done it before but would like to. Thanks!
vincent said…

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giz said…
I don't think there's anything as good as Canadian bacon but then being a Canadian I'm a little biased. Simiple and spectacular.
Dimitry said…
I sure will I just got to find my recipe for pickles and I will share it. Thanks for the Idea.
Dimitry said…
Simmple innovation can go a long way for our taste buds.
Dimitry said…
Thank you for the invite I will definitely look at it and will be happy to share my adventures with others.
Robert-Gilles Martineau said…
Dear Dimitry!
Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my blog!
Great healthy and appetizing sandwich!
No wonder it is popular!
When are you going to post your report on your sushu?
Dimitry said…
Rober thank you for visiting me, I hope that I can post some report on the sushi soon, but I know you have more choice of sushi where you are.