Beef Liver Cake

OK so the name Beef Liver Cake might be somewhat weird sounding but for the lack of a better name we will just call it that unless someone has a better name. If you like beef liver you will like this and you can also make it with different liver not only beef but personally beef has the best flavor. This recipe will make 5 beef liver cakes, if you don't need that much just scale the recipe down.


4 lb beef liver.
22 table spoons of flour (I know that's a weird way to measure this)
3 table spoons salt
1 table spoon paper
9 eggs
2 eggs boiled for decoration
6 large onions.

Grind all the liver and 3 onion on a medium cutting plate, add the rest of the ingredients except mayo and boiled eggs, mix with an electric mixer until there will be no clumps of flour. Now preheat some oil in a medium sized pan on medium heat, you will have to adjust the heat after you start baking your pancakes. Cook these in the same way you would cook your breakfast pancakes. I believe the most difficult thing about these is flipping them, they tend to break apart so the best thing is to toss them, but be careful because you don't want the oil to splash all over. after cooking let them cool until they are cool to the touch.

Meanwhile cube the remaining 3 onions and cook them on low heat like you would caramelize onion, you don't have to fully caramelize them just cook them till they are browned and soft.

When your liver pancakes are cool to the touch we will need to baste them with mayo and onion, take your first pancake and baste with a thin layer of mayo, then place the next pancake and baste with the cooked onion you will do this to 6 pancakes, alterating by basting one with mayo, one with onion. You can change the amount of pancakes to your desire. Take your boiled eggs and grade them over the top of the liver cakes, all is left is to cut it into wedges and serve at the table.


Natasha - 5 Star Foodie said…
I love the idea of beef liver cake, awesome! Thanks for stopping by at my site to check out the chicken liver pate recipe. You can probably do that with beef liver too although I'm not sure of the taste since I've never cooked with beef liver before.
Anonymous said…
Thank you Natasha yes the Beef liver cake is a good dish to serve at any meal. And I will probably have to try to make some beef liver pate, I hope it turns out good.