Beef breakfast burrito

Beef breakfast burrito is a great way to start a day, and perhaps use up some of the left over beef that you might have. This particular breakfast burrito was made with  steak that was left over from dinner, I just could not let that go to waist. Personally I believe that we should eat up left overs, not toss them to trash and if there is a time that we just cant finish them up then at least compost them. Anyways back to the breakfast burrito, I made this with basically what I had in my fridge in the morning, but you can add more vegetables or meat if you like.


3 eggs.
1/4 cup milk.
1/4 onion.
1/4 bell pepper.
1 table spoon vegetable oil.
cooked beef, choped to small cubes.
salt and pepper to taste.

Cut your onion and bell pepper into small cubes and cook on a hot skillet, unlike in my beef quesadilla we will cut the meat up also in to small pieces, I just like it better this way when you are mixing beef with eggs. Mix the eggs with milk, add salt and pepper, combine the beef with the vegetables and add your eggs, cook the eggs until they are done. Preheat another skillet with out any oil, warm up your tortilla and place the eggs combination on the tortilla, sprinkle with some cheese and wrap to your liking. Place it back on the dry skillet in order for the cheese to melt and hold the tortilla closed. Enjoy with salsa or any other favorite sauce.
What do you think about this type of breakfast?


I love this type of food!!!
Caveman Cooking said…
Nothing like a good breakfast burrito! And, yours looks great!!