Bake-n-Blog Triathlon January 29 2010

With my bake few weeks back being a success I decided to tweak the recipe a bit and give it another go at it. I got up at 7:00 am today rather than 5 and started with my bake.

Today's bake will have.

My version of Spelt sourdough casalinga bread.

1 kg 150% hydration rye starter.
2 kg Organic Spelt flour.
500 g Organic dark rye.
115 kg Organic white.
2.5 kg Spring water.
75 gram sea salt.

Second bread since my family loved it is Pain ou Levain.

1,050 gr 100% hydration white starter.
4,200 gr Organic unbleached white flour.
2,730 gr Spring water.
70 gr sea salt.

Mix all the ingredients for about 3 min

Rest for 20 minutes.

Kneading for 5 minutes, I decided to try a new approach and see what will happen if I knead less but do more of a stretch and fold method.

Rest 30 minutes.

After the 30 minutes rest I dumped the dough on my counter, and took about 2 kg of dough from each of the breads. Then I mixed about 2 hand full of raisins and a hand full of walnuts in to the 2kg of dough and placed them into a separate rising container, later I will make raisins walnut panini out of them. I had to adjust the flour in the dough because my raisins were soaked and thus the extra water made my dough to moist.

I kneaded all the dough for 5 minutes each and placed it to rise in containers covered with a tea towel.
Broke a sweat and rushed out with kids to their scholl for donuts with dad.


Adam said…
115 kg Organic white. I hope that is a typo!
I enjoy reading your bakes! keep up the good work!
Dimitry said…
yep that's a typo it's supposed to be 1.5 kg. Thanks