Bake-n-Blog Triathlon January 16 2009 Finish

Finally at 5:46pm I am able to sit down and write the ending for today. Well the breads turned out good, except the Russian Rye, the dough was hard to work with, and I was baking it in my WFO so I had to place it on a peel and then transfer it to the oven which would not work. I finally gave in and placed all the dough in to forms and baked it like that instead of straight on the floor of the oven. The dough was rising fast and doubled in less time than I was expecting it to double in, so that just put a rush on me, but it was lots of fun. Like one baker said the first 2,000 loaves were hard the rest were easy. I especially loved the white bread it just had the right pop to it, and smelled wonderful. Last time I made the spelt sourdough I used the same starter but had 2/3 spelt and 1/3 white flour and I think I like that combination better. Over all it was a lot of fun, there was a lot that I learned today, that will help me became a better baker. Here are some pics of the bread.


Thank you for your posts. They are very informational and educational. It is good to see another baker at work using similar formula. Your breads look wholesome with a lot of flavors indeed. Thank you for sharing with us your bake.
Dimitry said…
Yes this was a great bake day and I had lots of fun blogging about, learned many things through the process.