Bake-n-Blog Triathlon, what it is

So by now you are probably thinking what is Bake-n-Blog Triathlon, it's a simple sport that is made for bakers, and bloggers, like any triathlon, Bake-n-Blog triathlon has three different areas that each of us have to master.

3-Oven techniques.

OK so you are probably leafing by now, but we have to feel like we are in a active also, not just bake bread, eat it and blog about it, so what's a better way to be active if not to have our own sport called Bake-n-Blog Triathlon. We will get to the guidelines of the sport in the future, today I just want to get in the games and go, but before I do that I just have to mention what I want to accomplish with this.

I had planed to bake some bread today and in order for me to do that, like any athlete I had to get up at 5:00 am to start my dough, the night before I had to grease (by grease I mean feed) my starter with new flour and water so I would have enough leaven for this morning. So as I was laying in bed I was thinking maybe I should blog about my process as I go through the day baking the bread and people can come and follow the bake, from start to finish. Well if I was going to do that I needed a name for my days blog adventure, so I came up with the Bake-n-Blog Triathlon. My next post would be to start writing about my bake today and hopefully this will catch on and maybe we can have some real bake offs in the future.

Sound fun don't you think?


Anna said…
Hey that's the kind of sport I love, bread should be my
middle name. ;-)
Dimitry said…
Isn't it great we can bake the bread eat the bread and do all that in the name of the sport. :))