Ukrainian Kutya

Don't you hate when someone takes the simplest thing and make it complicated? This is another story of that, we are from Ukraine and back at home every Christmas, or new year people made this special plate for dinner it's called Kutya. It's actually a healthy meal except the sugar but that can be substituted with honey or other sweeteners. By now you are probably wondering what this is and how to make it. The meal consist of simple ingredients, cooked wheat berries, water, sugar and crushed walnuts.


2 cups wheat berries.
1/2 cup poppy seeds.

You might be wandering why I don't have measurements for the water, sugar and walnuts, the amount varies on your personal taste and there is no right or wrong with this. But for cooking the berries you will need about 1 part berries and 3 parts water

The cooking instruction are simple. Wash your wheat berries in cool water, bring water to a boil and cook the berries till they are ready, about 1-2  hours. Basic principles of cooking like you would your macaroni, nothing special. While it's cooking you can take your poppy seeds and put them in a blender add a little water to them and blend with short bursts till you will see the mixture turning whitish.

After cooking the berries put them in a mixing bowl, don't worry about draining extra water, most of it should have boiled out or observed by the wheat, add sugar, walnuts, and poppy seeds, mix well you can add more water if you want it more liquid like I personally don't like lots off water in it.

Now you will find some recipes on line that require you to soak the berries over night, cook for 4-5 hours, that's true only if you live in Ukraine or Russia and have there quality of wheat berries. Here in US you don't have to do that they will be ready in about 20 minutes.