To much pomegranate juice

I have to share with all of you about my experience with pomegranate juice. Yesterday me and my wife purchase a 60oz bottle of pom wonderful pomegranate juice at Costco, when we got to the car we opened it and started drinking it, I guess we were just thirsty, because we drank like 1/2 the bottle in the car. In about 10 minutes while we were still driving we started to feel light headed, drowsy and just over all tired. Luckily for us we did not have to drive far only about 15min, I new that pomegranate juice widens the blood vessels, but i never thought that it would have such an affect, we do not take any medicine or have heart problems but the juice surely got us lightheaded. As soon as I got home I made some coffee and that me feel better just be careful when consuming pomegranate juice.