Steak in the Bread Oven.

Do you want to have best steak ever? well you need to have a wood bread oven to do so.Time to give up my secret of great steak cooked  in a bread oven, so here we go this is how I cook my steak.

After baking my bread I usually fire up the oven again for making  pizza, steak and finish up with some baked apples or put a roast in for few hours. In this post I would like to share how you cook steak in the oven, if you ever had steak in Ruth's Chris's steak house you probably know how they advertise about cooking steak at high temp, well you could do the same if not better in a bread oven. You might wonder why better? they have a grill that has a gas heaters on top thus broiling the steak at high temp. If you are familiar with ovens you know that when the fire is nice and hot and you have lots of coals with few pieces of wood burning in the back, you can have the whole dome of the oven engulfed with flame to an extend that it would be coming from the oven door, thus having the same affect only with wood, which only adds flavor.

When I get my oven nice and hot with a good amount of red coals I spread the coals over the floor of the oven leaving it there for about 5 to 10 minutes.

This will heat up the floor of the oven equally giving a nice and hot cooking surface, at the same time you can place a metal grill grate over the coals so it would heat up as well, this will be your surface that you will place your steak on. When the floor is nice and hot remove the grate and push all the coal to the back of the oven and add few pieces of wood, I also use a metal brush to clean the floor so there want be any particles that would get on my steak, and also removing all the burning coal from under the steak.

Now put your steak on the grill grate and insert the grate with the steak in the oven. Here is an important part, make sure that your steak is not touching any of the burning coal or it will catch on fire, as long as there is no coals underneath the steak you will not have this problem. After about 30 seconds you will see and hear the steak cooking, I usually cook 1" steaks and I like them medium with a little pink in the middle, for that I will cook my steak on 1 side for no more than 4 minutes than I would rotate the steak and flip it.

The reason you would want to rotate it is so you would have an even cooked sides, now give the steak another 4 minutes and it's ready to eat. By now you probably want to build an oven, all I can say is have fun with it and it's worth all the labor you will put in to it. If you are seriously considering to build one this is a great book that has instructions, probably one of the best ones to follow.The Bread Builders: Hearth Loaves and Masonry Ovens


Cooking Asshole said…
Those look AMAZING!!!!

Great job!
Caveman Cooking said…
Looks amazing, Dimitry. I bet the wood flavor really makes a difference!
Dimitry said…
It does, and do to the high heat it just locks all the flavor in the meat. I'm getting hungry need to stop looking at stake this late at night.