Sourdough starter my first.

Different starters behave differently and today I decided to start a new starter according to instruction I found on Sourdough Companion.

The recipe is simple to follow and does not take much work, you will need a scale in order to be accurate. If you are seriously planing to make bread I would recommend that you invest some money and purchase a good digital scale it will make life so much easier.

What you will need

1 clean jar preferably with a wide mouth. I also like to use glass that way you can see what your starter is doing.

non chlorinated water

wooden spoon

organic rye flower

organic white flower


Clean your jar and spoon

Add to Jar

50 grams water

35 grams white organic flower

15 grams rye organic flower.

Stir, cover with plastic lid and let it rest for 24 hours.

Day 2

On day 2 you will not notice much change to your starter, but trust me it is doing what it is supposed to.

Add to your Jar

50 gram of water

35 gram of white organic flour

15 gram of rye organic flour

Day 3

On day 3 you probably will not see any action yet but you will notice that it has a fruity smell to it and some bubbles are forming bellow the surface.

Add to your Jar

50 Gram of water

35 Gram of white organic flower

15 Gram of rye organic flower

Day 4

By now you should be able to see some growth every time you refresh it, although the growth is minimal and some times there might not be any at all do not worry and keep on with the process.

On day 4 we will discard most of the starter an leave only about a table spoon in the jar. You can put the discarded starter in a compose bin.

After discarding the starter add to the jar

100 gram non chlorinated water

70 gram white organic flower

30 gram rye organic flower.

Cover and leave for 24 hours

Day 5

On day 5 your starter should have doubled in 24 hours and have lots of little bubbles, it should also have a fruity smell to it.

Day 5 Discard most of the starter again leaving about a table spoon and repeat the feeding of the starter like in day 4.

We will continue to discard and feed the starter for about two weeks by then your starter will be doubling in size in every 8-10 hours. When your starter well double in 8-10 hours you know that it is ripe for use.

Day 8

Here is the picture of day 8

The first picture shows the starter before refreshing.

The picture below shows how bubbles are developed.

This picture shows how much starter there is after I refreshed it.

Day 9

Got up in the morning and checked on the starter, here is a picture of it.

As you can see it is above the level of day 8, although later on it dropped almost to the same level as on day 8. That is Ok it just basically reached it's peak for that day, you should continue with the process as you did the previous days.

On day 9 repeat the refreshing process like we talked about before.

Day 10

Continue refreshing like instructed on day 4. Basically from now on we will do this till the starter doubles in size in 8-10 hours when the starter is at that stage than it is ready to use.


this is very interesting and cool. Is this like something that we can wake up to to be refreshed or something to eat??
Dimitry said…
This is actualy a starter of organic Leaven that is used as a starter for baking bread. I will bake some bread this Saturday.