Organic beef

2 weeks ago I committed myself to a new adventure of purchasing a 1/2" a cow from a local farmer and trying to see the difference of store meat and organic grass raised beef. Many people don't know that after you purchase beef from a farmer at hang weight (which means they butchered it, took all the insides, the skin, and head of) you will lose about 30-35% from that weight on aging, bones, and all the cut offs. My beef at hang weight was 380 pounds, when I went to pick it up I got 266 pounds of beef. But even with that loss it is still worth it, my cost for the hang wait was $2.10 per pound, that's cut, wrapped according to my requests,and frozen, so with that calculation my beef still cost me on average $3.10 per pound clean finished meat. But now I have 266 pounds of beef sitting in my freezer which I have to consume shortly, trust me I'm not worried about the steaks or the ribs for smoking, that I will consume shortly, but boy do I have a lot of stew meat.

Anyways now that I have almost 300 pounds of beef I will probably have lots of posts about me cooking beef in different ways, so if your a beef lover just get on board and follow our adventure.


Cooking Asshole said…
That is a pretty darn good deal!

Please update us on all your usages!
affection said…
This is good article!
Dimitry said…
Thank you and the beef is even better.