My First Baked Bread.

Finally I got to a point that I could try out my first bake in my bread oven. Since this is my first bake I got some recipes from wild sourdough, by Yoke Mardewi, and decided to try my luck with Crusty Semolina Sourdough.  I started the day out by firing up my wood oven at about 10AM and mixing my ingredients for the bread at about 1 pm. First lesson is I should have started earlier, because after mixing my dough I needed to wait about 6 hours before I could actually put the breads in the oven. So by the time it was all ready it was dark outside, and with my luck it started to snow at about 4 pm. Anyways that's the lesson i learned, back to the bread, after my first fire burned down I let the oven rest for an hour and then started a second fire in the oven, don't forget that each fire takes about 2-3 hours to burn down. Now here is my second mistake, after my second fire burned down I closed the oven door so the heat in the oven wood equalize, but I had to wait for about 2 hours till my dough had the final rise, and I could put it in the oven to bake and that was a little to long.

Finally at about 6 pm I put the bread in the oven, although I should have gave it another hour to rise, I had no time to wait. I loaded my 10 1 1/2 pound loves in to the oven and closed the door, after about 30 minutes I checked the bread, it had a nice pop to it but it was not golden brown yet, so I closed the oven door for another 10 minutes, after that the bread was nice and golden with a beautiful crack in the middle. So with all said and done the bread turned out OK but next time I would probably use less semolina flower in it and perhaps a little more starter. But this is how we learn by trying again and again.


Cooking Asshole said…
Your bread looks amazing!

In the future please be more detailed in your recipe. We would all love to hear it!!!
Dimitry said…
Thanks for advice I will post a full recipe in few days probably as a new post, I think I was to excited to share about the bread, so i skipped the recipe.