Joe's Place Farm (vancoouver WA)

Ok so this might be the wrong time of the year to write about Joe’s Place Farm in Vancouver, but I had to mention this place. Every Saturday they have a small restaurant open for breakfast, one of the best crapes are served there with fresh fruits that are in the season, and when the season is over they usually serve canned fruit that they can at the farm. It is also a great place to purchase fresh fruits and veggies at the store.

The bad part of this review is that they are closed for the winter, this past Saturday December 19th was their last day for the season, they will reopen in the beginning of the strawberry season next year. also I must warn you if it's late in fall or earlier winter dress warm because this places is a farm so not the most insulated if you know what I mean. The store will still be open in winter selling apples and other small selection of fruit.
Like I said it might be the wrong time of the year to write this review but I just had breakfast there on the 19th, so I had to write about it, the food was to good to just let it pass by, my favorite thing to have there is peach crape with coffee, they also have Joe’s special and frittatas both very delicious and served with a side of their own applesauce. This is a great place for people to come in and support their local business.
It's also a family friendly place that you can visit with kids during Christmas season to pick up a tree, or at harvest season when they have corn mazes and other fun things to do for the children. Well good luck and visit Joe's place farms when ever you have a chance.